Since 1966 – Celebrating over 52 years in service

Replacing Gas Furnace in Silver Spring, MD

“Davis & Davis replaced our gas furnace which was more than 20 years old. The technicians were punctual, professional, polite, and knowledgeable. They worked continuously and completed the job ahead of the time expected. The technician explained the new code requirements that made the installation different than the old furnace. All paperwork seemed in order and he gave me instructions on how to register the furnace, apply for rebate and request city inspection. All worked out well – very pleased with the experience. We’re enjoying the new furnace.”
– J.R in Silver Spring, MD

Absolutely thrilled when our customers give us positive feedback on their installations! For efficient, professional service for your home’s heating and cooling systems, contact Davis & Davis at 301-942-7210.

Your Heating and Cooling System in Bethesda, MD is Covered

Looking for a maintenance program that will have your heating and cooling system covered through the most dire of emergencies? Davis & Davis provides the quality service for your systems that you can trust! Whether you’re remodeling, building a new home, upgrading or replacing your existing system in Bethesda, MD, you can depend on our team for reliable and efficient solutions that will last. Schedule a service call with us at 301-942-7210!

Estimate for Your Heating Repair or Installation in Kensington, MD

Looking for an estimate for heating repair, maintenance contract, or a new furnace or heat pump installation in Kensington, MD? Call Davis & Davis! We’ve delivered reliable and efficient heating systems to our clients for over 52 years. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you to the system that fulfills the needs of your household and keeps your home environment comfortable. Schedule our technicians by reaching us at 301-942-7210! We also have emergency service hours from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM, 7 days a week!

Heating Problem Diagnosed in Potomac, MD

“I came home to no heat and called Davis & Davis the next morning. The technician arrived promptly and the problem was diagnosed (shorted wiring), solved, and heat restored in no time at all. Highly recommend them for your heating repairs!”
– Gordon G. in Potomac, MD

No one wants to come home to a cold house in the middle of the Winter. For your heating emergencies, repairs and maintenance, don’t hesitate to call Davis & Davis at 301-942-7210!

Choose Davis & Davis for Your HVAC Installation & Maintenance in Rockville, MD

“They recently replaced all of our heating & A/C systems. We’ve used them for years. Their quality and customer service has never changed over the years. They’re top notch. Reasonably priced and great customer service. When you make an appointment, they show up on time. This is a company that I will always go to.”
– K.B in Rockville, MD

We thank all of our loyal customers who have chosen us in the past and continue to choose us for their HVAC installation and maintenance! If you need an expert to diagnose your issues with your heating and cooling, give Davis & Davis a call at 301-942-7210!

Furnace Repair in Wheaton, MD

“When our furnace went out, we called Davis & Davis because we knew the previous owners of the house had used them. They were friendly on the phone, and arranged a service call the next day. As promised, they called in the morning to let us know the range of time in which they would be arriving, and then came at the early part of that range. The technician was very friendly, and even showed us how to re-light the pilot on our own, and provided advice about the pros and cons of replacing the whole furnace. He replaced a part and caught our mistake of putting the air filter in back-wards. He worked quickly as well. Highly recommend Davis & Davis for your repairs!”
– A.N in Wheaton, MD

Heating emergency coming up this winter? Let us deliver heating solutions to you and your family today! Schedule an appointment with us at 301-942-7210.

Cold Spots in Your Rockville, MD Home?

Finding cold areas where your home’s heating system isn’t reaching? The Davis & Davis team will diagnose your HVAC issues! Since 1966, we’ve addressed the heating and cooling concerns of Rockville, MD and the Montgomery County area. The temperatures are noticeably dropping now – is your heating system ready for when freezing weather hits? We’re just a phone call away! Schedule an appointment with us at 301-942-7210!

Replaced Gas Furnace and A-Coil in Potomac, MD

“Davis & Davis came in to replace the gas furnace, A-coil, and air conditioner. The 2 man crew was friendly, timely, and hard-working. The associate who gave me the estimate made sure that all installation issues we had discussed were addressed. We love the new HVAC system and felt we were given a good price. Highly recommend them!”
– H.A in Potomac, MD

We are happy to hear back from our customers who are happy with their systems! We believe that communication is important for every customer experience. Schedule your HVAC installation or maintenance with us at 301-942-7210!


Preventing a Heating Emergency in Bethesda, MD

As winter creeps up on us next month, are you certain that your heating system is up for the challenge? No one appreciates their heat cutting off unexpectedly in the middle of the night. Whether you’re preventing a future HVAC emergency or are currently trying to resolve one, the Davis & Davis Heating & Air Conditioning team has your back! With our 24 hour answering service, you can schedule maintenance and emergency calls with us easily. Contact us soon at 301-942-7210 for your heating and cooling in Bethesda, MD.

Keeping Your Heating System Functioning Properly in Silver Spring, MD

“After more than 10 years of service calls, Davis & Davis continues to be very professional. Their technicians arrive for appointments on time, and they are skilled at what they do when it comes to keeping your air conditioning and heating systems functioning properly. If you are looking for quality service, I highly recommend this company.”
– K.B in Silver Spring, MD

We appreciate when our customers take the time to write a review after our service! Whether you have an existing maintenance plan with us or have a concern about your heating this season, give Davis and Davis a call at 301-942-7210!

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